Here’s to Good Health!

Well, it’s been a little while since we uploaded a blog post so Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Chinese New Year! Which, incidentally, is the year of the Dog – how fabulous is that? Hopefully, this will mean a year of good health, happiness and prosperity for all. Good health is a favourite subject of ours, here at Pont & Pierce. We do everything to keep our chief tasters in the best health we possibly can and that includes keeping them comfortable and warm. Sadly, our lovely tribe suffer in varying degrees with the bane of all senior’s lives – arthritis. As well as giving them a fabulous raw food diet (thanks to Paleo Ridge Raw ), they also have some extra help in the form of green lipped mussel supplements and the Paleo Ridge Raw Joint Aid (minced poultry feet & tracheas). To keep them more comfortable, we have memory foam toppers on their beds to avoid any pressure on their joints. We have a wooden floor downstairs which is dotted with pieces of carpet (secured by some sticky material) so that it is easy for them to get around, without sliding. In the kitchen we have floor tiles which are mostly covered by carpet in the winter. I use remnants from our local carpet shop so that they can be easily (and cheaply) changed if they start to look a bit worn. These are measures which are reasonable, cost wise, to implement and make a huge difference to keeping those joints as pain free as we can. We are looking forward to sharing more tips with you as well as keeping you all updated as our business progresses. We are truly grateful for your support and cannot wait to have even more gorgeous doglets enjoying our naturally nutritious treats for dogs. 

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