We’re back

Here we are!

We are back! 

We took a little time out during March to sort out some new labels for our packaging and to just take stock of everything. It’s really important to take a step back now and again which we, as dog owners, know all too well. Going for a walk with our dogs gives us the time to think and appreciate our surroundings, no matter how busy we are. It also gives our furry friends time to check up on who’s already been out on a walk (one of our lovely girls insists on sniffing practically every blade of grass so that she is fully informed of the local dog traffic!) and to exercise both their minds and bodies (much like ourselves).

So we are now back from our extended walk and are raring to go! Lots of shows are coming up and we will keep you up to date with all of those as well as lots of other useful information to keep our gorgeous dogs in tip top health.

Lets hope the weather starts to improve and we all enjoy those absolutely essential breaks from daily life (but we maybe don’t need to stop at EVERY blade of grass??) 


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